Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: I Don’t Want Everything

What is the perfect life? I believe it is different for every single person, but the media tries to get us all to want the same things… We are socialized to have certain expectations from life, and follow a specific pathway to happiness.

We all know the pathway. Go to school, then university, meet your soulmate, get a good job, get married, get promoted, have babies, get back to work or start your own business, look after your children, send them to school to start their own pre-planned journey…look after grand-babies, retire, then die!

This kind of life, they say is the dream!!! This is what we should all aspire to. This is what will make us happy. If it doesn’t work out this way or in this order, we are made to feel like a faulty product. A traitor or rebel to the system?

What is more, this is the system the Christian Church seems to promote and support. Going through life with this blueprint and not deviating one way or the other, makes you reliable, trustworthy, sensible, blessed, favoured…righteous even?

We understand that some people are different. They are rare and special people called to a life…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/i-dont-want-everything/

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