Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Don’t Ask Me About Baby No 2!

I am soooo, soooo fed up with people…even strangers, asking me when I’m going to have my second baby!  And I am seriously pissed off whenever family and friends TELL me that I must have another baby, because one is not enough and blah, blah, blah…  With all due respect, you know NOTHING of my current living situation to impose the responsibility of raising another child on me!

Perhaps if you were willing to sponsor the second child, and offer your regular services as a Nanny for the said child, I wouldn’t be so frustrated by your inappropriate demand on my family.  But, please, even if you would contribute in these ways (ummm…  Baby No 1 could really benefit from this support right now…), you really can only ask if Baby No 2 is in our plans, and not tell us that we must have another!

I WILL NOT have another baby to please ANYONE, not even my husband nor myself, because that is not why God gives us children!  They are not toys nor trophies, they are a responsibility!  It is irresponsible to have children simply because you want one, or that is what is expected or demanded of you…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/dont-ask-me-about-baby-no-2

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