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Editor’s Pick: Is it a good idea to date, even though I’m not ready to marry?

Dear Ufuomaee,

Greeting’s ma, I have been following your blogs in two years now and you have really been of a great blessing to me ma but I need an advice.  I will be 20yrs this year and I am a 400lv student of Uniben.  I started out in an awesome relationship December last year with a fellow believer in Christ and we are just 4months together. He is in 500lv.

Ma the issue is, we both have calls into service in the gospel of Christ but our relationship has been stained with emotional pleasures (somewhat close to sex but not it). whenever it happens I feel so bad nd he promises it won’t happen again but he doesn’t see it wrong as I do. I want to marry as a celibate but I’m.not envisioning marriage in 3yrs time now my fear is we may delve into sex prematurely as even when I try placing a fence he has a way of using touches and I don’t want such.

He is genuine in apologizing but a costly mistake ain’t worth it… my decision is to call off our friendship until we get more mature but I fear he will be utterly hurt as this is his first relationship. what do you advice ma? thanks

Dear Reader,

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