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Editor’s Pick: We’re engaged, but he’s been acting distant since I said “no” to sex. What do I do?

Dear Ufuomaee,

The other day I came with a burden about my fiance whether to accept his proposal. Anyway I did and we had our introduction last year December. He came for the list and since the day he collected the list he changed completely. He started complaining about me not coming to his house and spending the night but i told him it’s not allowed in my church and my mother will not accept that.After that he stop calling and mostly times when I call he won’t pick my call and when he picked he will say he was busy. So when I asked what the problem is he told me he needed time to think about the marriage that the items on the list are much compared to his tribe cos he is Yoruba and am from akwa_ibom.and that if am really worth the stress. Have gone to see his dad about the issue and he said I should not worry that he is just scared. It been two months now and he has not said anything. Have praised about this all I hear is wait.my pastor still say I should wait that will be well. But this is really frustrating cos I can’t concentrate on anything am so worried.  My intention now is to move on but my mind is not letting me.  Please what should I do?

Dear Reader,

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  1. the truth is, you being frustrated may lead you to bend your standards, by sleeping with him so that the marriage can hold..but who knows he may have proceeded with the introduction just to get you in bed, and now you re still holding on he is disappointed, if truly he loves you and from God, he will adore you for holding your ground and not turn it into an excuse. If you eventually sleep with this guy, trust me it won’t hasten the wedding..if he thinks you are not worth his stress, then babe, what art thou waiting for. i dnt even wnt to talk abt the list bcos i hv seen jobless people get married comfortably and jollof rice and sourvenirs went round wella..if its truly the list, there’s always a way around it, bcos people from akwa ibom have been getting married since before independence. so my dear you should be asking yourself if he is really God’s will for you and trust me, its not worth your frustration…bye

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