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Editor’s Pick: I was raped twice, and I think it is affecting my self esteem. Any advice?

“Pls ma. I was raped twice and i think this is affecting my self esteem. So now d thing is that i met a guy i so much loved but he want to have sex with me but i said no to him and he kept asking me if am a virgin since am not y saying no. I don’t know what to do d emotion is so tick that i cant let go. I prayed to God to take d feelings away by bringing someone else. Now d feelings is dying and another guy is staring at me to death. I dont know what to do becus am fallin for this new guy but he don’t say anytin to me. I just want to be normal as i used to be but its not working. Anytime i saw him my heart skip n if i don’t see him i will be looking out for him. What should i do ma?”

Dear Reader,

I’m so sorry to read about your situation and to learn that you were raped twice.  Are the incidents of rape recent?  Also do you mind if I ask how old you are?

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/reader-questions-i-was-raped-twice-and-i-think-it-is-affecting-my-self-esteem-any-advice/

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