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Editor’s Pick: If everyone must wait until marriage to have sex, what about those who don’t want marriage?

I was asked this question by a reader, in response to my post Ufuomaee’s Seven Reasons To Wait, which was recently posted on The Naked Convos.  I think my response might help others wondering the same thing.

“Interesting write up.Some quick questions though…

-Is this article addressed to a particular age group (read teenagers) who need guidance?
-Wait till when exactly? Marriage? what then happens to all the folk who have no intention of getting married or those who never get to meet the “right”one till late in life? Are they doomed never to enjoy sex?”

My Response is below:

Interesting questions. Thanks.

The main target group are youths, who need guidance, but whose parents have given in to the world’s lies and are now among the many people pressuring them to have sex.  You know some guys want to make sure the girl can get pregnant before they decide to marry them, and parents wanting their children to get married, can also fall for this, and encourage their daughters to have unprotected sex, so they can get pregnant and marry their boyfriends.  It’s sad and foolish.

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/reader-questions-if-everyone-must-wait-until-marriage

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  1. In regard to spiritual realities, if one doesn’t want to get married, can’t figure it out, or just wants to experience sex, the questions seems pointless, since the point has been missed altogether.

    What marriage represents spiritually is the coming together of the male and female energies. The goal in this, other than procreation, is to balance the energies out, and to experience the fullness of God. This fullness is what causes things to exist, and therefore creation of a new soul is appropriate.

    But if we are not going to be mindful of these very basic realities, we are probably not going to be mindful of marriage either (the commitment to becoming godlike). For those who simply want to live life in physicality, with physical goals, and animal like enjoyment, marriage or its lessons and commitments are probably not for you. You don’t understand, and probably wouldn’t even if you followed all the ground rules.


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