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Editor’s Pick: He’s married, but he says he loves me. I’m so confused. What do I do?

“Good afternoon, thanks for replying. Saw ur post “he is not psychopathic, he just doesn’t love you”. I experienced such few years ago but i thank God i was able to stand and work out of the relationship though it wasn’t easy at all…

However the situation of thing around me now is the dilemma am talking about. Am working in a private company of which the CEO is was my close friend, i mean we were into a Godly relationship before things turn the other way round. He slept with a lady and she claims she was pregnant though not so sure if he was responsible for d baby but so far he did it once he couldn’t deny it. He told me he would only take his baby but i insisted that he would marry the lady since the lady was very desperate to marry him then and she even went extra miles to make the guy change his decision, maybe what she did had an effect on me too, that was why i insisted he must take d lady and the baby, u understand what i mean by that???

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