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Editor’s Pick: I am Pro-Life, but…

Yes, there’s a but.  There was no ‘but’ before I got pregnant myself and experienced the reality and the mystery of it all.  Before, there was no argument in my mind about it.  I was – and still am – Pro-Life, because of my fundamental belief in God and Christianity.  However, pregnancy gave me some insight into why there is such a great divide about this whole abortion issue.

Many would have thought being pregnant and having a baby of my own would have meant that my alignment with the Pro-Life view would be stronger than ever.  However, as I watched to a video made by @failedathiest, I couldn’t stop thinking of the whole pregnancy thing and the definition and defense for an unborn child’s life.

If I were Pro-Choice, my defense would be the fact that a woman’s body and life is hijacked the moment she conceives!  Even before anyone notices that she is pregnant, there’s a new ‘Lord of the body’, and he or she is changing the whole terrain to suit him/herself!  The woman no longer has power over her body.  She is a carrier of this child, willingly or not, until s/he vacates the body…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/i-am-pro-life-but/

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