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Editor’s Pick: I am Pro-Life, but… (Part Two)

In my previous post, I concluded my discussion by ending with an appeal for women to take the sacrificial route, rather than demand their right to their bodies and life in the abortion debate.  However, I thought more on it and realised that the debate doesn’t end there. We also need to consider the role of choice in the definition of sacrifice!!!

Yes, sacrifice is about love, which is the higher law.  However, if there is no choice, it wouldn’t be a sacrifice.  In order for one to make a sacrifice, someone has to have a liberty to choose whether to lay down their lives or not to. When Christ walked on the Earth, He repeatedly made known to His disciples that He came willingly and was free to die for Mankind or to walk away.  In the garden, before His crucifixion, He was plagued with the choice as well.  And He made the right one, thankfully.  He made the sacrifice for you and me.

If Christ didn’t have the choice, we wouldn’t value His sacrifice at all.  The same way that God gives us the choice about loving and obeying Him, or not…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/i-am-pro-life-but-part-two/

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