A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 1)

I’m getting married!  To a wonderful, beautiful, Christian woman.  Who would have thought, eh?  We actually met on a plane, last August, when I came home for the Summer.  When we first met, I couldn’t wait to leave her side.  She’s one of those Evangelists!  And now, I am one of those Evangelists too!  Wow…God is good!
Jason took in a deep breath, he was so excited.  He had just dropped Fiona off at her apartment, after their romantic Valentine’s dinner, when he had popped the question and got a squeal in response.  He hadn’t known what she would say.  They really hadn’t courted for long.

It was over Christmas that he knew she was the One.  He had been watching her as she worked to set up the stage for the Carol Service that was holding at their Church.  He was one of the musicians and was playing the guitar.  She was such a hard worker, but never fought for the limelight.  As he observed and appreciated her humility, he heard a word in his spirit.  It was almost like the Holy Spirit said “She’s the one”.

It was also then he began to admire her in a new way…

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