A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 21)

It was just six weeks until their wedding date in early June, and Damilola and Sola had still not settled on the venue of their wedding.  They couldn’t hold down Dami’s first or second choices for the Reception because they hadn’t been able to come up with the deposit on time.  Sola was yet to come clean to Dami about his financial situation, but she was getting more and more anxious as the wedding drew closer.

“Okay…  If we scrap the IVs, and reduce the guestlist by half, we should be able to afford the Hall near the Church?” Dami said.

She was brainstorming cost-cutting ideas with Sola, her sister, Ayo, her mother and his sister, Tola.  She hated all the compromises she was making to have this wedding happen at all costs.  It was looking less like the wedding of her dreams and more like a financial disaster.  If she was still going to end up broke afterwards, she wanted to have a beautiful memorable day to show for it at least.

“But you will have to bring your own chairs, tables and deco,” Ayo said.  “Why don’t we just have it at home, and get some canopies outside?  It can still look nice…”

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