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Editor’s Pick: Leader and Follower – A Match Made In Heaven

Marriage is a holy vocation, where two people attempt the greatest feat against natural odds together…living in love and agreement until death separates them.  When we romanticise marriage, we diminish the obstacles against its success in our minds, while not acknowledging and addressing them in reality.  We set ourselves up for failure with unrealistic expectations, an ineffectual strategy and a weak resolve to overcome inevitable challenges.

Every spinster or bachelor in their 30s knows by now that love doesn’t just happen!  You’ve got to make it happen.  Likewise, every married couple who have kept their vows to love for better or for worse, knows what a challenge it was and is to keep peace and understanding in their marriage.  Love takes effort.  Marriage takes work!

Effort and work are the basic facets of discipline.  Discipline requires submission to a method, to a standard, to an authourity.  For any company to grow and succeed, they need discipline.  They need basic processes, structures and principles to be upheld for everyone to work effectively and efficiently towards a common goal.  Most important to this is the principle that there must be a leader/ship structure.

When two or more people come together to work on a united goal…

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