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Editor’s Pick: Are You Too Proud To Give Her More…?

A young man and friend who read my book, The Church Girl, asked me the other day – “What’s the significance of the ring?”  He referred to the scene where Mary was returning Ifeanyi’s ring to him, and was wondering why women need or want a ring with a proposal.  To him, it seemed like a materialistic tradition that women feel they need to receive such and men feel they must give it.

Ummm…  Do you have any thoughts on the matter?  If you do, or if you have insight into this tradition, please share it with us in the comment section.  My friend also wanted to know if and why it is important to go down on his knees to propose to the woman he wants to marry.  He thinks it’s a western culture being adopted by Africans.

Now, I am sure my response might offend a few Feminists and more than a few men, but I believe it is right.  I have a traditional view on this issue, based of the relationship dynamics between the sexes and cultural norms.  I also think there is a spiritual significance, not necessarily to the ring or the act of bowing the knee but…

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