A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #2


Adania, please!

Jamie could never forget the night that Adania came for Tommy. It was like the worst nightmare that he never could have imagined. Even with all the evil he had done to her, to her family, he never thought that she could be so cold to him. This was the woman who had donated two pints of her own blood to save him the first time he had been shot! There was nothing Adania wouldn’t have done for him.

But that was until he broke her. He showed her just how cruel he could be, disregarding her love and devotion and now…she didn’t love him anymore. He saw it in her eyes. Pure unadulterated hatred. If not for the witnesses she came with, she would probably have picked up a knife to stab him in the heart, as she’d sought to do, the day of her fall.

I love him, Adania,” he’d protested feebly. “I love you… Please give us a chance!

He could still hear her laughter in his ears at his profession of love and plea. He felt like a weak man. A defeated man. He’d wanted to fight it. Be cruel like he knew how to be…


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