A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #6


Mary could sense that something was the matter with Ifeanyi.  He hadn’t been himself since he left home early yesterday morning.  At the time, he’d told her that it was an emergency situation he had to attend to, and she’d assumed that he would tell her more about it when he returned.  But his mood had been broody all evening, and even this morning.

After church, he had excused himself to go to his office and get on with some work, and she’d left him to it.  Now, here she was looking at him as he slept on the sofa in his office.  His laptop was on but the screen had gone black, as happens when it hasn’t been in use for a while.  She wondered if she should bother waking him up.  She decided against it.  He looked tired.

Quietly, she closed the door to his office and returned to the family living area.  The boys were watching cartoons on TV and Abigail was playing with a soft black doll Mary had bought for her over the summer.  She picked up a book she’d started reading earlier that week.  Her mother-in-law had bought it for her a couple of weeks ago…


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