A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #12


“The title of my message today is ‘Marriage is a Dream’,” the preacher began.  “I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what I mean or where I’m going.  I hope you will stay with me as I expand on this subject.”

Nomnso and Kemi had just arrived at the ‘Singles For Jesus’ event holding at Grace and Truth Assembly that Wednesday evening.  Nomnso had been prodded by his brother, Ifeanyi, to attend, and they’d made it just in time to hear the speaker’s introduction.  They finally settled in their seats and listened as the lady minister continued.

“For most of you, marriage is just a dream.  By that I mean several things.  Plainly, for some of you, marriage won’t happen.  Many people are choosing to marry later and for reasons other than love.  Among men and women, those who want to marry vary significantly in numbers, class and ideologies.  Therefore, the probability of two people of the opposite sex having compatibility and mutual desire for marriage is very slim indeed.

“So, I repeat, marriage is a dream.  And for those of you who will marry, the idea you now have of marriage is a dream.  It exists only in your mind…


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