A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #14


Is now a good time to call?

Kemi smiled when she saw that message from Josh.  She’d been home for about an hour and had just began thinking of him too, wondering when he would call like he said he would.  She sighed.  She shouldn’t be so excited about someone new, so soon.

Hey”, she responded.

Hey you 🙂  Back from work?

Yeah…  Just settling in.  You?

Yeah…  Been home for a while.  I actually work for the church, and sometimes work from home.

Oh, okay.  Hmmm

Hmmm…  What?

You’re a bona fide church boy!

🙂  LOL!  Very funny…  I actually work with the media team, and it’s a lot of hard work, you know…?

Oh really?  I also work for a media company.

For real?!  Wow, we’ve got so much in common.


So, is it okay if I call you now?

I guess…  But we’re already chatting.

I find phone calls better…  More real life.  So?

Okay 🙂

Moments later, her phone rang.  Kemi let it ring a couple of times, while she strolled to her bedroom, before answering Josh’s call.

“Hello,” she answered.

“So much better already,” Josh grinned.

Kemi chuckled.  “Hmmm…  So, what now?”

“How did you find the service yesterday?”


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