A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #15


Earlier that evening…

“Hey babe…  You packed?” Danny asked as he walked into his bedroom.

Tolu’s bag was on their bed, opened and half-empty.  She was seated at her vanity table, applying some make-up.  She smiled at him through the mirror.


“What are you doing again, nau?  You are already gorgeous!” Danny went to her and pinched her love handle, which only became visible when she sat down.

Tolu giggled.  “Do you think this gorgeousness is effortless?”

Danny went and sat on the bed.  He’d been packed since morning and was ready to hit the road.  They were supposed to get to the resort by 7 pm tonight, so they could enjoy two nights and two full days at the retreat.  He’d already sent reminders to Oyinda and Bolu to make sure to get their wives ready by 5:30 pm at the latest, so they could all drive down together.

He admired his woman’s reflection, noting a stirring in his loins.  “But you’re temping people, nau…”

Tolu threw her head back and laughed!  “You are just a horny dog!  Danny!”

Danny adjusted his jeans, which were beginning to strain from his arousal.  He looked at his new wristwatch.  5 pm.  They didn’t have time…


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