A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #16


The meeting room was filled with couples, who were seated facing each other in a big oval shape.  At first sight, Temi counted ten couples, but on a recount, she found that there were actually twelve, not including her and her friends.  They all seemed reasonably happy.  There were two couples that looked like this was their first week in marriage.  She sighed and took a vacant seat.

Lola sat next to her, and Bolu sat on the other side of Lola.  Tolu sat between her brother and her husband.  Oyinda took the vacant seat by Temi.  The facilitator was still setting up for their session.  When he was done, he faced the group.

“Hi everyone!  Thanks for coming for the Refresh Couples Retreat.  My name is Tunde Oderinde and this is my wife, Bolanle,” he said, extending his hand to hold his wife’s.  “We are certified Marriage Counsellors.”

“Hi,” the audience of couples chorused.

Bolanle waved her greeting.  “We are the coordinators of this retreat, alongside Pastor Emmanuel Okeke and his wife, who most of you should know.  They will be joining us soon,” Tunde continued.  “This is something we have been doing for five years now, and we’ve found it very effective…


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