A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #21


The family had come together to talk about Samson’s arrest and to know how they could proceed in his defence.  They were now waiting for the criminal defence lawyer that Ifeanyi had appointed for the case, an old friend of his who had come from Abuja to assist.  Ifeanyi had just spoken to the security guards at the Victoria Garden City gate, to allow him entrance into the estate.

Samson sat nervously, avoiding everyone’s eyes.  Samuel was playing with the twins, Uche and Chukwudi, while Ifeanyi and Mary sat together on the sofa, trying to prepare themselves mentally for the meeting.  Abigail and Tinuke, Lola’s baby girl, were playing together in the playpen, while their nannies supervised.

Mary’s phone began to ring, just as the they heard the lawyer’s car drive into the compound.  It was Lola calling.

“Let me quickly take this,” Mary said, excusing herself.

Ifeanyi got up to open the door for his friend.  There were loud jubilant greetings as the old friends reconnected with hugs.

“Lanre!!!  Wow, so good to see you in the flesh!  You haven’t aged!” Ifeanyi cheered.

“Look who’s talking!  You are looking too good, my man!  And this your crib…” Lanre replied, looking around at the abode…


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