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I Have A Confession…

I’ve come to the realisation that I am disloyal. I understand that that is not an admirable trait. People, families, organisations and societies like people who are loyal. Who stay in line and defend the image of the people they represent, no matter what.

Nobody likes a traitor. And a traitor may not be someone who goes out of their way to show up or report the unattractive or negative qualities of a group. A traitor can simply be someone who, when confronted to answer truthfully, does so, against the best interests of the group to which they are affiliated. And well, that’s something I know I am prone to do.

I’ve never been patriotic. Never understood how you can be proud of a group or a place, simply because you “belong” to them, whether or not they do good or stand for it. I also do not consider myself “Black and proud”. I don’t see race, sex, nationality nor ethnicity as things to be proud about, or that tie me to a group beyond our humanity. I’m also not someone who adheres to cultures. I like to think I’m fluid and pick and choose things I like about different cultures due to my beliefs and personal preferences.

Though many would consider me to be religious, it has become clear that my loyalty isn’t to any denomination of Christianity or even Christianity as a whole. I’d say my loyalty is to the Truth. But, I have this other weakness…that I am human and, sometimes, I even show disloyalty to the Truth. However, to me, that’s the only loyalty that is admirable.

Now, everyone hates a hypocrite, which is someone that is even disloyal and unfaithful to their espoused beliefs. They do not live to the ideals they preach and choose to do only what benefits them at any given time. Such are traitors of the Truth, which is why God hates hypocrisy. But God doesn’t promote any other loyalty, but loyalty to Himself; to the Truth.

So, Jesus said: “Anyone who loves mother, father, husband, wife, or children more than Me (the Truth) is not worthy of Me (the Life)” (Matt 10:37).

It seems God would counter even the strongest human relationships, just for us to understand where our true loyalties should lie. With our pursuit and obedience to the Truth, no matter what the group to which we belong says. Even if that group is a fellowship of people who also claim to believe and obey the Truth, but on one or more issues, show themselves to be hypocrites. Our allegiance needs to be with the Truth, even if we find ourselves alone…

Like pride, greed, selfishness, envy, we are all prone to hypocrisy. It isn’t a special sin that only the worst people do or only the Pharisees were guilty of. If we profess to be followers of God, at any time that we are confronted with the Truth, and we choose rather to compromise or do what benefits us, however we justify it, we become hypocrites.

So, you may be a loyal person to your family, friends, cause or country, but are you a hypocrite, when it comes to the Truth? Are you a traitor of God, someone who loves the praise and fellowship of men more than the fellowship and praise of God? Or do you find that the only thing/person you are loyal to is yourself, and so you are both disloyal and a hypocrite?!

In the world, it seems loyalty is esteemed above the Truth. It’s easy to understand why that is, when we consider that loyalty is often equated with love. It’s actually a trait of love. Patriotism is the love of one’s country and people. So, while love seems easy enough to identify, the Truth is far more subjective and less unifying, and thus people regard loyalty to a people above adherrance to any belief. That is actually the basis of Humanism and their promotion of tolerance as the highest display of love for our neighbour.

While Truth often divides and isolates people, for the primary reason that many do not love the Truth and many are hypocrites, love (that is loyalty and tolerance) unites people, even against the Truth. As long as you seek to be accepted and agreeable, you will find yourself disregarding Truth in the name of “love”. But if you seek to uphold Truth at the expense of unity (loyalty and a false sense of peace), you will be seen as judgemental, extreme and unloving. Ultimately, you will find yourself on a lonely road.

Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three…” (Luke 12:51-52).

Should Truth really cost you so much? Should it really be a cause of division and conflict, if we can all just get along by ignoring our differences and protecting our common identity as humans? Are you so convinced that what you call the truth really is the Truth, when so many others who claim to follow the Truth also disagree with you? If the Truth is so undiscernable, how can it be a standard by which you live your life and break ties with those you ought to love? Is love not superior to the Truth?

The problem is, as problematic as the Truth is, love is also very problematic. It is being used to say a lot of things that it doesn’t mean these days. It is being used to justify a lot of selfishness and depravity. But doesn’t the Bible say “love covers a multitude of sins“? And so, if you decide to ignore the sins of others, or call it something else, in the name of love, are you not more righteous than those who judge others and separate themselves, in the name of Truth? And what if you are wrong? Isn’t that why Jesus also said we ought to be careful how we judge?!

Are love and truth really that different and opposing? Doesn’t the Bible say God is Love? Isn’t He also the Spirit of Truth? So, if Love and Truth are united in God, why do we have such a problem in the world, where we can’t seem to agree what is love and what is truth?

Do we really care about either, or is our primary concern to “belong” and have “peace”, which is achieved through loyalty to groups and tolerance of others, regardless of what is love and what is truth? I think that may be the real issue. We all just want to live in peace and be happy, and by any means that is accomplished, whether through patriotism or religious affiliation, we are justified.

While I accept love and truth as values to uphold always, I believe loyalty and tolerance must have limits. I realise that, with such a mindset, I may not belong in our modern, “progressive” world. And solemnly, I see the truth that I am a stranger and a pilgirm in these lands.

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