A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #28


The pastor’s message today had been about “The Stone The Builders Rejected”; Jesus Christ.  Jimmy had paid rapt attention to the teaching, which had cemented together some of the things he had been studying on his own about Jesus and the Faith He brought.  He’d also noticed how keenly Fatima had listened to this sermon.  He’d smiled to himself when he’d seen her google the verse, Matthew 21:42, and read the entire passage on her phone.

What had really resonated with him was the idea that ‘the Stone’ wasn’t simply Jesus, the Person, but the Word of God too.  It was God’s word that the builders rejected and refused to build their faith upon.  It was strange because these builders, the pharisees and teachers of the Jewish Law, were all well-versed and knowledgeable of the scriptures and the commandments of God.  But they missed a very crucial element, which Jesus also represented – God’s love.  God’s word wasn’t simply law, it was both Grace and Truth, and that was what Jesus brought, as John wrote about in John 1:17.  Jimmy smiled as it all began to make sense.

After greeting some of his friends, he left the church with his wife to enjoy a lovely brunch…


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