A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #29


When they were done with their brunch, Danny asked who was interested in a game of tennis.  He’d been keen to play since he got to the resort, but they’d had other priorities then.  Now, they’d gotten the benefit for which they came, they could really relax and enjoy a few games.

Bolu and Oyinda were eager, but the ladies weren’t.  So, the friends split; guys and girls, and the ladies stayed back to chat.  Tolu was particularly happy about the arrangement because she had been longing to have a girls’ chat with her friends.

“You know, I never knew Oyinda was an unbeliever…  Thank God he answered the call.  You must be so relieved,” Tolu said.

“Well, he wasn’t exactly an unbeliever.  He said he believed in God.  Even practiced Christianity to an extent…  But he wasn’t born again,” Temi replied.

“Oh, really.  And you didn’t know before you got married?” Tolu prodded.

“I knew, nau…  I guess I wasn’t all that serious myself,” Temi admitted, feeling a little uncomfortable.

“Hmmm…” Tolu muttered.  “Well, praise God for his conversion!”

“So, how are you and Danny?” Temi decided to ask.

Tolu beamed.  “We’re great!  He’s amazing!”

“He’s really transformed since last year…” Temi mused.


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