A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #30


The couples met again for the last talk at 5 pm that Sunday.  By then, the atmosphere was pleasant and joyous all around.  Most of the couples had reconciled, and the only ones remaining were well on their way to resolution.  It had been a successful venture and Pastor Emmanuel and his fellow counsellors were happy to come to the end of another retreat.  Tunde led the session with his wife, while the pastor and his wife sat among the couples.

“I hope you all brought your journals with you…  We’ll be going through the notes we’ve all taken to see how our feelings and perspectives have changed since Friday, when we all arrived here.  You will still write in your journals at the end of this session, and take them home with you to fill out and update as you feel led,” Tunde said.

The room grew noisy as the couples brought out and opened their journals.  It soon quietened down again.

“Okay.  Unlike the sessions we had where you exchanged letters and confessions, you are under no obligation to share the contents of your journal with your spouse.  However, if you feel inclined, do not be afraid to.  The journal accounts are…


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