For the Love of God Part 2 – Letting Go


The depression stays with her for days. Ochuko continues to study her Bible, but there’s a disconnect. I don’t know how to love You like I love him…

Do to Me what you did to love him…

The words, spoken in her spirit, are like a light in her heart. When she considers how she loved Dotun, she believes she can love God too…

Because she bought Dotun gifts, she spends her money on things to grow her relationship with God, mostly Christian books and gospel CDs. She also learns to give to God by being generous to others.

Because she loved to spend time talking to Dotun, she spends time with God by reading her Bible and praying often.

As time goes on, their relationship deepens, and she begins to fast and evangelise, walking through the mall seeking people to encourage and disciple.

On one fateful day, as she walks through the mall, she is pleasantly startled by a young, handsome man.

“Survivors?” he says, extending a book to her. “It’s Christian. Would you spare a penny or two?”

Ochuko beams. Wow, another evangelist! “Oh, wow. God bless you,” she says, collecting the book and pulling out a note from her wallet. The book in her hand looks like it is worth at least that, and she is delighted to meet a fellow believer out preaching the word.

She wants to hug him, and she gives in to that urge. The young man gives her the brightest smile, making her feel even better, like she just made his day. From experience, she knows how challenging it can be standing on the street corner trying to get someone to show interest. Her steps are light as she walks away, thinking she’ll tuck right into it as soon as she gets home.


Survivors is a page turner. Ochuko finds that she is transfixed to the book from start to finish, and even at night, the story continues in her imagination. The novel, which tells a fictional story about the end-times, or last days, is filled with so much Biblical knowledge that Ochuko has never encountered, let alone considered, before. Putting herself in the shoes of the characters, she knows without a doubt that if the narrative were to be a reality, she would not be counted among the saved nor the victorious… She’s not ready for the return of Jesus, but oh, how she wants to be…

Even before completing the story, she looks at the back in search of a contact, her desire to know more and to support the ministry of these passionate believers strong. There’s an address at the back for correspondence, and she writes them a letter when she’s finally done with the story, tears streaming from her eyes. With the letter, she attaches another note of greater value, as she’s sure she underpaid the distributor yesterday.

Their response comes days later, to her surprise. She is even more baffled by their generosity. They must have sent her every book in their catalogue, she thinks. A couple more novels, collections of articles, and interesting comics are enclosed in the package. There’s also a number, so she gets in touch by phone to express her gratitude. But they seem to be just as grateful.

The lady on the other end, Kelly, is pleasant and intelligent. After speaking with her, it becomes more apparent to Ochuko that these people are not kidding. They actually practice the things they teach… They are taking Jesus seriously about everything! And a fire sparks in her heart. These are the True Disciples of Jesus!

Ochuko and Kelly talk almost daily as she reads through the materials and considers whether or not she’s ready to be made willing to forsake all and follow Jesus.


They try to remain friends… He is her best friend, after all. Even if they can’t be together the way they want to, at least they can keep their friendship… On this, she will not negotiate.

When Dotun’s birthday comes around in April, Ochuko plans a lovely birthday weekend. She bakes a coconut and chocolate cake that tastes of the love poured into it, and she makes her way to Manchester. His friends come around too, and everyone loves the cake.

Another girl is present. Ochuko suspects there is more to their ‘friendship.’ As they walk through the city square later that night, she inquires about it, and he admits that there had been something between them in the past. It stings, but she knows she has to let him move on. Still, it is evident to all that love lingers in their hearts for each other, as their longing gazes are frequent and laden with anguish.

At night, as she lies in his bed, she nurses her broken heart. She was the one who drove him away and the one hanging on to a friendship that is tearing her heart apart. But she is not ready to let go. Not yet.

The following day, the friends make a special trip to Blackpool, still in celebration mode. Today, it is just the two of them, and it feels like the good old days. They enjoy each other’s company and the many thrilling rides at the theme park. The only thing is that they don’t hold hands and kiss as before.

The deep fall rollercoaster, The Big One, is their last stop on an eventful day. Both being thrill seekers, their anticipation grows as they wait in line, laughing at those who have gone ahead and whose screams can be heard across the park. When they are finally strapped ready for the ride to commence, whether in jest or in fear or in all seriousness, they pledge their enduring love to each other…

“In case, I don’t make it off this ride, I want you to know I’ll love you forever.”

A perfect and unforgettable moment. Then the sounds of screaming dominate the air.

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