Dear Atheist

The Atheist – Episode Nine

This episode is part of my podcast series DEAR ATHEIST… If you prefer, LISTEN NOW.


I hear a sound in the distance. It’s dull at first, and then becomes sharper, piercing through my brain until my eyes open. I open them wide, as I take in my surroundings. Where am I now?

The ceiling looks very familiar. I turn my head sharply to the left, as the sound is even louder, and red luminous lights are arranged together to say 5:00 am. It registers in my brain that it’s an alarm clock, but why would it be set at such an hour? My alarm doesn’t usually go off until 6:30am. I stretch out my hand to silence it and enjoy the swift relief it brings.

I rest my head back on the pillow, now aware that I’m in my bed, in my bedroom, in my house. I turn to the right, but that side of the bed is vacant. Okay… What is happening now? Where’s Samuel?!

Samuel… I haven’t seen him since… I sit up suddenly, my hand on my pounding chest. This feels different. Am I alive?


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