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The Spotlight: Sex, Death and Christian Fiction

Okay, it is official!  I will NEVER be published as a Christian Fiction writer, and this is why…

Actually, Simon Morden, Authour and Christian writer at www.simonmorden.com, has done a pretty good job of explaining why, by first explaining what Christian Fiction actually is.  His essay on SEX, DEATH AND CHRISTIAN FICTION, is my spotlight for today.  I stumbled on it yesterday, while googling for Sex and Christian Writing, to get some more direction on this issue, now that I am seeking to become a published Authour.

I really couldn’t agree with him more, when he talks about what makes for good writing, and why much of what is published as Christian Fiction is really unfit to be classified as good fiction.  I recommend everyone who loves reading or writing literature, Christian or otherwise, to check out his post to gain some real perspective on this.  Here is an excerpt for you:

The word dangerous isn’t often associated with Christian writers or for that matter, Christian readers. It’s certainly not a word associated with CBA fiction. One of the reasons that CBA fiction exists is that it is a safe alternative to secular fiction. I should be able to read it without being tempted or scandalised. It is fiction which is pitched at adult audiences, but that my kids should be able to read. It is a place where Christian readers can escape to where they have nothing to fear and know before they start that everything will be all right in the end.

CBA authors and editors censor fiction not just because of its potential to offend, but because it offers vicarious experiences that may be seen as sinful. If we believe that sin occurs in the mind as well as in behaviour, any vicarious experience we read about might give rise to sinful feelings or thoughts. If I write a sex scene, which might be entirely necessary to the story, I have to find a way to write it that does not encourage lustful thoughts. A description of a murder must not encourage murderous thoughts, and so on.

There’s a problem here…  Read more…

So, have you read up?  Yeah, I forgot to mention that it is a voluminous work, but well worth the read.  Are you an Authour or an avid reader?  Have you read much of Christian Fiction?  What would turn you off a book?  If you’ve read any of my stories, what do you think of them?

It would be cool to read your thoughts on this…  Cheers!

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