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Editor’s Pick: What’s Your Advice For Singles With Raging Sexual Hormones?

I was presented with a challenge by a reader, in response to my post Ufuomaee’s Seven Reasons To Wait, which was recently posted on The Naked Convos.  They thought that, more than dos and don’ts, what’s needed is advice for singles struggling to stay chaste in a sex-crazed world.  I agree, and I’ve accepted the challenge to address this issue in today’s post.


Sexual purity is a calling for all who are in Christ, whether they be married or single.  It is not simply a case of abstinence until marriage, but a state of holiness unto God that is preserved throughout our walk with God.  Even in marriage, this holiness is seen in the honour we give to our marriage, by remaining faithful to our spouses, and keeping our mind on the things of God.  As singles, who do not have spouses, you need to keep your mind, heart and body pure to God, by abstaining from pre-marital sex and fleeing from sexual immorality (1 Cor 6:18-20).

It can be hard to live holy to God when it seems everyone else is “breaking the rules” and getting away with it.  You don’t even have to look to the world for examples…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/reader-questions-whats-your-advice-for-singles-with-raging-sexual-hormones/

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  1. Do our hormone’s rage more than they used to, say more than our parent’s or grandparent’s? Doubtful. It is not the hormones that have increased, but the willpower and spiritual strength behind it, that has weakened. Are we animals that must mate with the first of our species that we encounter in the forest? Nah! We’re just more prone to excuses, like “everybody is doing it.”

    Self control has some pretty awesome rewards. We should try it some time. Get in touch with our Higher Self.

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