What Did Jesus Say?

So, you’ve learnt about who Jesus is, and also what He did for you.  It is my hope that you decided to give your life to Him, and follow Him.  If you haven’t made that decision, I hope this page will convince you.  You see, Jesus’ teachings are […]

What Did Jesus Do?

In the previous page, we studied who Jesus is.  The conclusion was, if you want to know, start by doing what He says, and you will know the Truth!  Not only the truth about Him, but the truth about YOU too.  And that truth will set you free (John […]

The Classic Conversion Mistake

It has always amazed me how people can switch religious beliefs so easily, and accept everything taught to them on the other side as absolute truth, when they once believed they were absolute lies!!!  Why are we so fickle?  Why is it that we are so desperate to […]

An Emotional Affair – Part Fifteen

The rain storm had continued through the night into the early morning.  Flights into Lagos were postponed until further notice due to heavy flooding.  Danny would be stuck in Port Harcourt until Sunday evening.  He didn’t like that at all. With Lily’s phone intersected, he didn’t have a […]

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